There are six categories of blocks in GoLess:

  • General: To conduct a general action within the workflow. For example, make an HTTP request or run another workflow.

  • Browser: To control the browser.

  • Web Interaction: To interact with the active tab of the workflow. Prior to using blocks in this category, you should use a New Tab or Active Tab block.

  • Control Flow: To add logic to the workflow.

  • Online Services: Services that connect to GoLess.

  • Data: Change or manage variables or tables of a workflow.

Block Settings

The blocks are accompanied by a menu and parameters that may be configured.

To find the block menu, place your mouse on a block in the editor's canvas, and it will show up above the block.

  • Delete: remove the block

  • Block settings: open up current block parameters.

  • Move block to group blocks: move the block to the Group blocks by dragging and dropping the icon.

  • Enable/disable block: deactivate block

  • Run: execute the workflow from the active block.

  • Edit: access block properties or click twice on the block.

You can also right-click on the block for more menus.


The Block settings enable you to set up the block execution, error handling, and how it looks like.

  • General

    • Debug mode: use CSP to run the block. Please note that this option is only functional for some blocks - for example, the Click Element Block and Forms Block.

  • On error

    • Enable: Activate the error handler for the block

    • Retry action: retry the block execution in the event of a block error

    • Throw error: when selected, the block will initiate an error

    • Continue flow: when selected, the workflow will continue to execute

    • Execute fallback: when selected, the workflow will resume to the block that connects to the fallback output

    • Insert data: insert data into the table or variable

  • Lines

    • Select line: choose the block link to customize

    • Line label: add a label for the link

    • Animated: animate the link

    • Line color: change the link color

Selecting Blocks

To select blocks, press the ctrl key => click the block or shift key => drag the cursor.

Linking Blocks

You can link one block to another by using the following methods:

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