Storage is intended for storing the data of variables and tables. The data stored here shall be retained.


Click on the "Add Table" button to add a table to storage. Then set the name and columns of the table.

And to use this table in a workflow, open the workflow table and click the "connect to a storage table" button.

To learn more about the table, check out the Table page.


You may add a variable from the workflow or the variables page in the storage. The variable name should begin with a double dollar ($$) sign whenever you want to read or assign a variable's value. It's necessary to differentiate between the workflow variable and the storage variable. E.g., when you add or update a variable from a block.

To learn more about variables, check out the variable page.


This is used to keep credentials. The login information stored here will be encrypted. It means you cannot see or modify them after adding them.

Use the secret keywords inside the mustache tag to access these credentials in a workflow. E.g., {{ secrets@credentialName }}

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