Link Block

Open the URL with an anchor element (<a>).

An anchor element may have the target="_blank" attribute. It will open a new tab when you click on it using the Click element block. GoLess won't execute the next block on a new tab because it opened a new tab.

To solve this problem, you must use the Link block. It will catch the anchor URL and open it in the same tab.


This block will not work without an active tab. Because of that, use the Active Tab block or New Tab block before using this block.

A screenshot of the settings is located below:

The block has two modes of operation: CSS Selector or XPatch. In the first mode, the block must receive a css selector of the page element for its operation. In the second mode, the block receives the Xpath of the element. To get a selector, you can use the Element selector tool of the Goless extension.

  • Settings of the Selector options group:

  1. Mark element. The item will not be selected if it was selected earlier.

  2. Wait for selector. Wait for the selector to be received. When you select this element, you can enter the timeout of the selector.

  • Open in new tab. The setting allows you to open the URL in a new tab.

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