New Window Block

Create a new window

The New window block allows you to create a separate browser window. The following block settings are available:

  • Type. The type of window to open. There are three types of windows to use:

  1. Normal. This is a type of regular window in which all the main window controls are available.

  2. Popup. This type of window opens without the browser's address bar. It is used based on the name as a pop-up window to display information.

  3. Panel. This type of window also opens without the browser's address bar. It does not visually differ from the previous type.

  • URL. Optionally, you can specify the site address to display in the window.

  • Window state. The position and appearance of the window being opened. There are four kinds of windows to use:

  1. Normal. This is the view of an ordinary window. In this setting, you can specify the coordinates of the upper-left corner of the window and its dimensions.

  2. Minimized. This is the view of a collapsed window. In order to use the window, you need to expand it from the taskbar.

  3. Maximized. This is the view of the window expanded to the full screen.

  4. Full screen. Opens the window to the full screen. The difference from the previous paragraph is the absence of any window controls, only the content of the site is displayed on the entire screen.

  • Set as an incognito window. This setting allows you to switch the window to a mode that allows you not to save information about your actions in the browser. In order for this setting to work, you must enable "Allow login in incognito mode" for the Goless extension in the browser. To do this, go to chrome://extensions => find Goless and scroll down. Check the box next to the "Allow in incognito" setting.

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