ChatGPT Block

To use the chatGPT block in your workflow, you must purchase a subscription.

When inserting the chatGPT block into the workflow, you must choose the AI version that best suits your purposes (only version 3.5 turbo is available for now).

For further use in our example, set the Get text block before the chatGPT block to send text to the chatGPT block.

In the Get text block, set the parameters of the text you want to pass to the chatGPT block, and store the data in a variable.

Next, use a variable from the Get text block and pass it to chatGPT and add an explanation of what the neural network should do with the text it received from the variable: e.g. "Rewrite: {{ globalData.key }}".

Next, you need to save the chatGPT response in a variable and pass it to the next Forms block.

Example: the data transfer will take place in the Forms block, but you can use any block that can accept parameters.

In the Forms block you need to pass the data via a variable from chatGPT and insert it into the desired form, in your workflow.

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