Click Element Block

This block simulates a mouse click on an element, which triggers an event associated with this click.

Please note:

This block cannot function without an active tab. For this reason, use the Active Tab block or the New Tab block before using this one.

Below is a screenshot of the block settings:

The block supports two modes: CSS Selector and XPath. For the block to work correctly, you need to enter the element selector in the Element selector input field. To get an element selector, you can use the Element selector tool of the Goless extension. Below is a screenshot of the extension:

After opening the Element selector component on the site page, to get the selector of the html page element, you just need to click on it with the mouse. The resulting selector must be entered in the selector input field of the Click element block.

Click element Block Settings:

  • Multiple. Multiple element selection.

  • Mark element. The item will not be selected if it was selected earlier.

  • Wait for selector. Wait for the selector to be received. When you select this element, you can enter the timeout of the selector.

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