Browser Event Block

Await the triggering of the selected event before running the next block.

  • Timeout (milliseconds) Set the workflow timeout for the selected event (by default, it is 10000ms - 10 seconds). After the time is up, the workflow continues to execute the block.

  • Events. An event you would like the workflow to await.

    • Tab closed. Wait until a tab has closed.

    • Tab loaded. Wait for the current tab or the tab that the URL matches the match patterns to be loaded.

    • Tab/Window created. Wait for a new tab/window to be created. A filter is provided for this setting.

      • Filter. Filter the URL for the new tab or window. If the URL matches the URL or Regex you entered, the workflow will keep running the blocks.

      • Active tab. Define the created tab or window as the current tab.

    • Window closed. The event occurs when the window closes.

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