Recording Actions

The performance of this functionality may be suboptimal, or it may not operate as expected.

The recording feature is the easiest method to create a workflow in GoLess. First, go to the GoLess dashboard by clicking on the GoLess icon in your browser's top right corner. Then click the down arrow and choose "Record workflow" from the menu.

After this, GoLess will record all your activities. For example, you can record creating a new tab, scrolling, clicking, and typing patterns. Moreover, you can also choose any element on a recorded page to retrieve a list of attributes or text.

After you're done with recording, open the GoLess popup and click the ⏹️ button to stop. Watch the video tutorial to learn more about workflow recording.

Start Recording From a Specific Part in Workflow

Suppose you have already built a workflow and want to start recording from a specific part within the workflow. In that case, you can right-click on the output of the part and select "Record from here" from the menu.

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