Handle Download Block

This block processes the downloaded file. Please note that the block must be set before the file is uploaded. You need to use this block before the process of downloading a file from the site begins. For example, when the download occurs after clicking on the download button.

Below is a screenshot of the block settings.

Settings of the Handle Download block:

  • Timeout. Set the workflow pending time for the downloaded file to complete (by default, it is 20000ms - 20 seconds. After the time is up, the workflow continues to execute the block.

  • Download id. The id of download item to handle. File download ID is a unique identifier that is assigned to the downloaded file. This identifier is used to track the download process, as well as to ensure security and control access to the file.

  • File name. The name of the downloaded file. Leave this field empty if you want to keep the name unchanged.

  • On conflict. Indicates what to do if a downloaded file's name conflicts with an existing file.

    • "uniquify".The browser will change the file name to be unique..

    • "overwrite".The browser will overwrite the old file with the recently uploaded file.

    • "prompt".The browser will ask the user to make a choice between uniquify or overwrite.

  • Wait for the file to be downloaded. Wait until the file is completely downloaded before continuing to the next block. Setting this setting allows you to access the ability to save information about the uploaded file to a variable or table.

  • Assign to variable. Defines whether the downloaded file's path will be assigned to a variable or not.

  • Variable name. Variable name to assign a file path.

  • Insert to table. Defines whether to insert or not the filepath in the table.

  • Select column. A column to insert the file path.

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