Wait Connections Block

Description of Wait Connections Block work

In Goless visual programming system you can execute a group of blocks in parallel. It is enough to create a branch on one of the blocks and we will get two parallel execution threads in the workflow as shown on the screenshot.

Note that no condition blocks are placed here, so both branches can be executed simultaneously. To wait for the execution of all the parallel threads of execution in the workflow, we need the Wait Connections block. The Timeout (milliseconds) value of the block sets how long the block waits for the whole thread to finish execution, the default value is 10 000 ms (10 seconds). When the timeout is reached, the workflow will continue to execute the next block.

Only Continue a Specific Flow

This option in the block allows you to select a single execution flow. If you select this option, a drop-down list of items connected to the block's input appears.

Note that without the Only Continue a Specific Flow option, the third New Tab block is executed 2 times in two execution threads. After the option is enabled in the settings, you can select the flow by its last element.

After selecting one of the threads, the third New Tab block is executed 1 time after the Wait Connections block. Both execution threads before the Wait Connections block are successfully executed.

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