Scroll Element Block

This block scrolls the page element to the specified coordinates. A screenshot of the settings is shown below.

Please note:

This block cannot function without an active tab. For this reason, use the Active Tab block or the New Tab block before using this one.

The block has two modes of operation: CSS Selector or XPatch. In the first mode, the block must receive a css selector of the page element for its operation. In the second mode, the block receives the Xpath of the element. To get a selector, you can use the Element selector tool of the Goless extension. You can also leave the html selector set by default to scroll through the open browser page.

  • Settings of the Selector options group:

  1. Multiple. Multiple element selection.

  2. Mark element. The item will not be selected if it was selected earlier.

  3. Wait for selector. Wait for the selector to be received. When you select this element, you can enter the timeout of the selector.

  • Scroll horizontal. Scroll the page element horizontally to the X coordinate.

  • Scroll vertical. Scroll the page element vertically to the Y coordinate.

  • Scroll into view. Scroll down until the required item becomes visible in the window. This setting can be paired with the Smooth scroll setting.

  • Smooth scroll. Turn on the smooth scrolling mode.

  • Increment horizontal scroll. Add the X scroll coordinate of the matching element with the horizontal scroll you entered.

  • Increment vertical scroll. Add the Y scroll coordinate of the matching element with the vertical scroll you entered.

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